Software Security

Protect Your Business with Software Security Testing

The need to design, develop, and deploy more secure software is evident from the security incidents prevalent in the industry, and the complexities of regulations and privacy requirements one needs to comply. The software development team should adhere to the standard software security practices.

Software security testing practices include the development and implementation of methods to make sure that a particular software functions as intended, while lessening the risks of vulnerabilities and malicious code that could bring harm to the end user. Understanding the importance of software security assurance, many software vendors have endeavored to lessen vulnerabilities, and enhance resistance to malware attack and protect the integrity of the products they sell. Software Security Testing have lead to significant improvements in the field of software security.

With compliance and security becoming a major concern for all organizations, it is important to ensure that the software applications these organizations utilize are completely secure. Secure development is a practice that ensures the code and processes that go into developing applications are as secure as possible. Secure development entails the utilization of several processes, including the implementation of a Secure Development Life-cycle (SDLC) and secure coding itself.

One of the important steps in Secure Development is integrating testing tools and services into the software development life-cycle. These tools allow developers to model an application, scan the code, check the quality and ensure that it meets regulations. Automated secure development testing tools help developers find and fix security issues. Secure Development services in a way, offer relevant training to the developers so that they can understand secure development better and gain further education and insight into issues that they may have created.

Secure development can be incorporated into both a traditional Software Development Lifecycle and the Rapid Agile Development (RAD) style, incorporating the ability to conduct security assessments on applications during the SDLC.

Some of the services that Avyaan can provide your organization under Software Security Testing are:

  • BSIMM Measurements-

    It helps in assessing the current present state of the software security initiative. It helps you take risk management decisions. It also helps you determine how best to allocate resources for maximum impact.

  • Information Security Policy Development-

    A firm’s information security policy is the foundation to its security. Information security policies should be properly implemented in order to safeguard the information assets of your company.

  • Security Metrics Development and Deployment-

    To find and fix software security vulnerabilities, it requires investment of valuable time and resources. Most application security professionals are of the view that there is always a shortage of staff, budget or time to execute all the tasks for making their applications safe and secure.

  • Software Security Standards Development-

    It requires more time and effort to write secure software programs as compared to writing programs without security. To write software security, you require secure coding practices, and you should adhere to your firm's accepted application programming standards. It helps in reducing or eliminating the security vulnerabilities and exploits with less impact to the business.

    At Avyaan, our technical experts work with you to design, implement and maintain a cogent set of information security policies with a view to manage the risks to your information assets. Our software security testing experts work in tandem with you to improve security by providing you with the information you need to develop effective software development processes. We also help you implement business and technical controls to ensure software security improvements on an regular basis.