Penetration Testing


Penetration Testing is a proactive measure to assess the security of an IT infrastructure. It is done by trying to exploit system vulnerabilities like OS, application flaws, dangerous end-user behavior and incorrect configurations. Penetration testing for web application is a defense mechanism of an IT infrastructure, which gets tested with these assessments. These tests are conducted using physical or computerized technologies, by methodically challenging network devices, wireless networks, web applications, endpoints and servers. Once a particular system has been successfully exploited the compromised system may be used to launch further exploits in other internal resources, therefore trying to achieve deeper access in the system, while trying to achieve higher levels of security.

Any information about successful exploitation of security vulnerabilities through web application penetration testing is given to the IT and network system managers, and is further used by them to help professionals in making strategic conclusions and creating countermeasures for the problems encountered. The elementary purpose of Penetration Testing is to check the security as well as usability of systems, and evaluate consequences associated with its usage. Web application penetration testing should be routinely carried out by a firm in order to ensure secure and safe functioning of web applications.

Steps Involved in Penetration Testing at Ayvaan

penetration testing methodology


The first step of penetration testing is to define the initial scope of testing. It is defined by the nature of the testing as the penetration testing is further divided in two sub categories.

  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing

Planning and Reconnaissance

Once the scope of web application penetration testing has been defined by the team, we will go further in the next step which is - planning and reconnaissance. In this phase our team collects necessary information about the target from a number of publicly available resources like Google hacking etc., and tools to extract information about the target.

Scanning and Vulnerability Analysis

After gathering the sufficient information about the target, it’s time to identify the vulnerabilities in the system. This can be achieved via a number of automated network and application vulnerability assessment tools. After that, Avyaan Security researches do a deep manual analysis of the data that was gathered by various automated tools and find the loopholes in the target.


It is the most interesting phase of penetration testing for web application. In this phase, we exploit the vulnerabilities which were identified in the previous phase. We penetrate the target in a secure way so that other critical information is not disclosed or hampered.

Privilege Escalation

The purpose of privilege escalation is to gain the highest level access to the system, once the target is compromised, local exploits are used to obtain system-level privileges or super-user access.

Final Report

It is the final outcome of the penetration testing for web application. In this phase our team creates a detailed document about all the vulnerabilities which were found in the previous phases, exploits details and POC etc.

Avyaan Approach as per the International Security Standards

Why is Penetration Testing Important?

  • A security breach can prove very costly for the company, not only in terms of financial loss but also through the loss of critical information. It can threaten an organizations reputation, affect customer loyalties and attract large amounts of fines and penalties.
  • Safeguarding all information at all times is not possible. Although there are a number of software like firewalls, IDS, IPS, Cryptography, etc, which are installed to protect websites, they are not able to eliminate all of the organization's vulnerabilities. Cyber attacks are constantly evolving and regular penetration testing ensures safety against potential security incidents.
  • Penetration Testing helps in prioritizing security risks for an organization as it evaluates an organization's capability to protect its users, applications and networks. It brings forth security vulnerabilities and flawed processes. Penetration testing for web application enables organizations to anticipate looming security risks and prevents unauthorized access to valuable company information.

Avyaan's Penetration Testing Offers:

We at Avyaan understand the critical need of reliable cyber security solutions and thus aim at providing advanced security options to safeguard your digital assets. Avyaan's mobile and web application penetration testing process can help in the following:

  • Proactive identification of the vulnerabilities which are critical and the ones which are not so significant. This allows you to prioritize your counter measures.
  • Get rid of financial perils like customer retention programs, discouraged business partners, legal activities, decline in employee productivity and reduced revenue for the company.
  • Maintain customer loyalties and save the corporate image. Customer retention costs can prove to be really expensive for an organization and regular testing can avoid such financial losses for the company.