Security Testing

How Can Avyaan@365 Help You?

In the present world, information systems are a valuable asset of an organization. They must be protected at any cost. A cyber attack can cause vital loss to a firm. Cyber security, also known as information technology security, is effective in preventing computers, networks, apps and data from unintended or unauthorized access. Various businesses collect, process and store a varied amount of confidential information on computers and transfer them across networks to other systems. Anyone can cause security breach in your company by illegitimately having access to your private, confidential or unauthorized IT perimeter. Now, keep your data protected with our round the year cyber security blanket – Avyaan@365 (Avyaan Annual Security Routine). So that, next when you concentrate on achieving newer heights in your business, we stay guarding your digital resources against malicious breaches round the year.

With Avyaan@365 in place, peace of mind becomes a perpetual state. Cyber security is not a one-time affair; it is a continuous effort at preserving the crucial data every single day, every single hour. At Avyaan, we understand the significance of data privacy and integrity and hence, we bring you a comprehensive cyber security package that keeps you ahead of the security curve 365 days a year. Our annual security routine for web and mobile applications will help you protect your company's information assets against potential malware attacks.

Avyaan@365 includes the following features:

  • Weekly Automated Scan
  • Monthly Automated and Manual Scan
  • Monitor Server Changes
  • Training Session for In-House Team
  • Penetration Testing
  • Web Application hardening
  • Server Harding
  • Incidence Response Handling
  • Live Support on the 0 Day Exploits