Our Digital Security Services

Avyaan offers innovative cyber security solutions for application protection, IT infrastructure and disaster recovery. Since software solutions have become an integral part of every business, security of software applications and data has become one of the most critical elements of business continuity. Hence, our cyber security experts work diligently towards safeguarding your crucial data and ensuring a fool-proof platform for your clients to transact online safely.

At Avyaan, we understand the significance of maintaining the confidentiality of business related details and processes and hence provide topnotch digital security services to combat destructive malwares and viruses. We specialize in delivering best-in-class software security products and services – standard as well as customized, to help you keep your web space secure and protected at all times.

Our cyber security experts identify the security assurance loopholes and offer solutions to improvise the software while minimizing the cost and risk involved in its maintenance. We also handle application security program on-site or remotely through activities like source code review, pen-testing, etc.

Our strong dedication towards work and our determination to deliver best services to our clients makes us one of the most reliable software security company. Our effective methodologies makes sure each of the web applications and mobile applications we work on are properly secured, and none of the other features of these applications are adversely affected in the process. Our team of expert penetration testers find out every security flaw in software applications and fix it without fail.

Some of our key services are enlisted as under: