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Why Is Network Monitoring Crucial in Mobile Device Security?

Any approach for mobile device security testing begins with network monitoring. The following blog explains the significance of this stage.

The more you use a mobile device, the more you will crave for an updated version of the same. The same is the case with mobile apps. Even if you wish to stick to the older version of an app, the device will automatically start prompting you to update it before the system stops supporting it.

Usage and update of mobile apps is quite a regular task for most of us. The app could be anything starting from a messenger to an online bill payment software. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, offer a platform for these apps to run on. Besides basic communication, there are plenty of utilities provided by mobile devices such as camera, GPS, calculator and maps to name of a few. Regardless of how carefully we use these apps, mobile device security always seems to have a big question mark on it, thanks to the hackers or “black hats” as there often referred to, who have a knack for breaking through security protocols no matter how tough they are.

Fearing what hackers can do once they get their hands on the confidential information manipulated by these apps, companies deploying them are also conducting mobile application security testing either themselves or with the help of an external resource. The latter proves to be a better option when the concerned company doesn’t have enough ethical hackers.
Security testing of mobile applications involves several steps, network monitoring being a crucial one among those due to the following reasons:

  • Through network monitoring , you will have all the visibility required to analyze your entire security strategy and see how effective it is from the perspectives of compliance as well as well as performance.
  • Network monitoring also helps detect breaches and attacks during initial stages of the development life cycle. As a result, minor security troubles will be eliminated before they turn into major issues.

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Monitoring process usually starts with the checking of firewalls that are placed at the boundaries of the network to prevent hackers from introducing malware. This will also help you check and evaluate all your security configurations.

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