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What Makes Website Security Audit Essential

Website security audit is critical to facilitate business process smoothly, since most of the business run online today. Everything is fast and we have open source networks, which makes connectivity seems an issue of past. But, this has also brought different types of vulnerabilities that make a software at risk of cyber-attack. This can be concluded with the data by National Small Business association 2013, that reported more than 44% of small businesses were targeted by a cyber-attack.

One quick way to keep your software business safe from vulnerabilities is to hire application security testing services from a leading company like Avyaan. This ensures that a business is informed about the internal as well as external threats, which can be removed to protect a website’s functionality.

Auditing is a continuous effort of self-improvement.Although it’s highly advisable to first conduct a self-audit, before hiring a website security company to do it for your software. This way you could have a better idea of the what to expect from an audit.

Let’s discuss why security audit is essential for an application:

To protect from Internal as well as External Threats

Every enterprise brings a highly secure and safe firewall, antivirus, data encryption and other important measures to ensure security. Still, doesn’t an application fall prey to hackers?
To make a website complete safe, security audit is must, doesn’t keep vulnerabilities hidden that malware exploit.

To develop a 360-degree defense system

Audit brings an elaborate summary report that includes discrepancies that have been discovered, along with ways to rectify them. This enables a website to develop 360-degree defense system.

Improves efficiency and visibility

Website audits are important in improving the efficiency and visibility of a website.

Protects user data and brand image

Remember how observed a security breach back in 2015, which resulted in the loss of millions of user’s data from the app. To avoid losing brand loyalty, security needs to be tightened with no soft targets for hackers in the website.

Website Security Audit is not limited to finding errors

It brings along suggestions to flexible solutions that reduce a software’s vulnerability.
Additionally, it is highly recommended for a company to have a central database to record all security logs.

To know more about website security audit and for other security concerns, contact Avyaan.

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