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Web Security Audit Is Necessary for Successful HIPAA Compliance

In today’s fast paced technological development, the website security audit is one of the main concerns for all internet applications. IT as well as other companies have lots of confidential information present in their databases.

Breaches can be a common phenomenon if the protection is not adequate for the stocked data.The website security audit is to be done from time to time to test the adequacy of protection deployed by the companies. These kinds of audits help in exposing the security vulnerabilities faced by the businesses, which they are not aware of until such auditing is done.

It is true that 70% of the websites are vulnerable to security exploits that could allow sensitive data to be stolen. That’s why the importance of application security is growing rapidly with the increasing need to protect & secure valuable data. In the healthcare industry, organizations also need to secure web applications to protect the confidential healthcare information.

The HIPAA security rule outlines the security standards for safeguarding the sensitive & confidential data of the patients created, maintained, received or transmitted electronically, which is known as protected health information (e-PHI).

It is important that the team of testers understands the specific regulations set forth by HIPAA when they test healthcare applications so that they are included in the testing plan.

The requirements for HIPAA compliance are policy driven in the following areas:

  • User authentication
  • Password management
  • Access controls
  • Input validation
  • Exception handling
  • Secure data storage and transmission
  • Logging
  • Periodic security assessments and audits
  • Change management
  • Application development

To protect your web application from the risk of exposing PHI to unauthorized users and to detect the vulnerabilities so that they can be fixed before attackers exploit them, you can avail the cost-effective security audit services of Avyaan. It is one of the leading web security audit companies, having a pool of developers &testers who can determine specific security threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.

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