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Web Application Security Should Be A Top Concern in Quality Assurance

In today’s world, the biggest nightmare is the sudden disappearance of technology. A whole world  that relies on machines and gadgets for almost every single task would be handicapped without technological innovations. Just like the physical work depends on machines, communication relies on electronic gadgets these days. It has been a long time since people switched to smartphones and tablets from desktop computers and laptops. Much of the physical work to be done by people gets eliminated when they use the apps in their mobile devices. No one goes to the trouble of walking all the way till the office of an electricity supply board just to pay a bill when a bill payment app does the job with a few clicks.

With mobile apps and web apps making things easier, more and more people are moving on to advanced gadgets. Extensive use of web applications for a variety of tasks such as online shopping and ticket booking is surely a smart thing to do. At the same time, neglecting the security concerns associated with these apps is one of the most foolish mistakes ever. Unless your web app has the required security features, it will easily become a victim of hacking which involves extraction of confidential information. To avoid this in the first place, companies deploying these apps avail the services of an external penetration testing company.

Owing to the increasing number of threats to the security of web applications as well as mobile applications, both the developers of these apps and users have grown more conscious. Web application penetration testing, as a result, has gained importance in companies which deploy apps for promoting their businesses. In fact, it has been incorporates in the Quality Assurance process in many companies. Here are a few reasons for the same:

  • Not All Bugs Can Be Removed: No matter how effective your application penetration testing routine is, some security loopholes just cannot be fixed. You can just devise a stronger defense mechanism to handle situations where these loopholes are exploited.
  • QA Deals with Functionality Alone: While Quality Assurance deals with everything related to the functionality of web applications, it does not involve any measures related to security. Penetration testing has thus been included in the QA process.

Depending on use and popularity, web applications may have to handle a large amount of confidential information. Penetration testing of these applications needs to be carried out in order to secure this information.

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