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Penetration Testing for Web Application

Web Application Penetration Testing: A Critical Form of Ethical Hacking

In simple words, Web Application Penetration Testing is a kind of testing which is to know how penetrable your Web Application is to Hacks.

Web applications play a vital role in the growth of traffic on every website and eventually for the Business. If a Web App is not properly tested via Penetration Testing, it might be susceptible to hacks, data stealth and can damage business functionality. There is a common misconception that a web application security scanner will discover flaws in the systems and hence enterprises don’t opt for such services. However, the same is not true!

The primary objective for a web application penetration testing company is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in a web application before external hackers can discover them. Its aim is to reveal the real-world opportunities for hackers, to be able to compromise applications in such a way that allow unauthorized access to confidential data, even take over systems for their own purpose.

How does Penetration Testing Company help?

Penetration Testing Company carries out different types of assessment as given below:

  • Identify flaws in application security in controlled environment
  • Analyze the level of risk associated with security flaws
  • Assist in addressing, and fixing the identified flaws in the application

About Avyaan

Avyaan penetration testers have diverse experience in developing different software based on various platforms. They utilize this experience to pinpoint critical issues and provide proper guidance for remediation. After experiencing Avyaan services, you will be able to analyze your applications through the eyes of both a hacker and an experienced developer. This way you can discover where you can improve the security of your Web App. Their consultants produce detailed written reports of the findings and provide step by step guidance to effectively removal of any issues discovered.

To know more about penetration testing services for Web Apps, consult Avyaan.

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