USBKill – Codes That Kill Computers Before They Expose USB Secrets

USBkill cannot be compared with USB Killer stick, which wipes out the delicate components of a computer when plugged-in.

This can be a weapon for whistle-blowers, activists, journalists and cyber criminals, who want to safeguard their information from cyber criminals or police. In case the information is caught, it will destroy itself. For example, if the law enforcement gets hold of a criminal’s laptop, the data will be immediately destroyed.

What USBkill exactly does is that it turns a thumb drive into a kill switch, which if unplugged pressures the system to shut down.

The author of USBkill, Hephaestos (@h3phaestos), announced that the tool helps in preventing users from meeting the fate of Ross Ulbricht, creator of the infamous underground drug marketplace – Silk Road. When he was arrested in 2013, FBI seized his laptop, which was later used to incriminate him.

A Github document states, “USBKill waits for a change on your USB ports, then immediately kills your computer”

Entirely Wipes out All Pieces of Evidence

Usually, the activities on USB port include, police planting a mouse jiggler – a device that prevents computer systems from going to sleep, and USB drive being removed from the computer.

According to Hephaestos, “If this happens you would like your computer to shut down immediately” You just have to tie a flash USB key to your ankle and immediately start USBkill if your laptop is about to get confiscated.

In case your laptop gets stolen, they will try and remove the USB drive, which will instantly shut down your laptop.

The author of USBkill says that the program is very effective when its run on a virtual machine, as it vanishes when you reboot.

According to the author, additional commands and functions will be added to USBkill. However, it works well in its current state as well.

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