Penetration Testing

Top Reasons to Conduct Penetration Testing

Evaluating software security has become a necessity for almost every company. Any software or web application that does not have enough security features is at the risk of being hacked and manipulated with malicious intent. Not just IT companies, but any organization that uses software for automation of processes or for promoting its business, needs to take software security seriously.

While thinking of software security, the term “penetration test” often comes to the mind. This term clearly explains its meaning as well. Penetration testing is the process of analyzing how secure a software or web application is. Despite having its own way of handling software security, every organization conducts penetration tests on its software applications.

Here are some good reasons for a company or organization to implement penetration testing:

Maintaining a Good Image in the Eyes of Customers and Clients

For anyone who owns a business, a good name is a highly valuable asset. One mistake in securing confidential information is enough for a company to lose the trust of customers. These mistakes can be avoided by performing penetration tests and thus reputation of the company will not be harmed.

Preventing Financial Losses

Security breach or any other factor that interrupts the performance of a software or web application can result in considerable financial loss. It can also trigger penalties, ruin customer relationships and attract negative reviews from press and media. A company can eliminate this risk by performing penetration tests. These tests allow the company to detect security issues in their software applications so that they can be resolved as soon as possible.

Better Management of Risks

A major benefit of conducting penetration tests is the optimal and structured mitigation of risks. Vulnerabilities in a software and associated risks can be determined by penetration testing. Apart from that, these risks can also be categorized on the basis of priority. Having estimated security risks in advance, companies will have a baseline on which they can work. This allows them to maximize their resources and work efficiently.

Ensure Compliance with Security Regulations

Almost all regulations and standards for software security have confirmed that conducting security tests and reviews is vital for any organization. Hence, companies can comply to these standards by performing penetration tests.

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