Application Penetration Testing

Top 3 Tips for Successful Application Penetration Testing

Ethical hackers need to adhere to certain tips in order to make the best out of application penetration testing process. Read on to know some of those tips.  

While you sit idle assuming that your software applications are secure, hackers are coming up with a multitude of strategies to break through the security protocol of these applications. Pretty much every process today relies on apps, starting from online shopping and ticket booking to social networking and tracking of locations. Regardless of whether it is a web app or a mobile app, once it gets hacked, it can create a means for confidential information to fall into the wrong hands. This information can include private details of app users as well as the trade secrets of companies deploying these apps.

We don’t really know what hackers are actually after. Some of them do what they do simply because they think it is good sport. Some others do it for money. Some of them want to access highly sensitive information such as that related to national security and create a total chaos. Unfortunately, software security experts haven’t yet found a way to eliminate these hackers once and for all. However, a technique called application penetration testing allows you to figure out how vulnerable your app is to cyber attacks.

Penetration testing basically involves attacks on applications, simulated by ethical hackers in an attempt to determine how easy or tough it is to gain unauthorized access to these applications. Each and every security flaw found during the process is documented and later worked upon. To carry out this vulnerability assessment process successfully, ethical hackers need to follow certain tips such as the following:

  • Test as frequently as you can: Usually, the IT infrastructure of any company changes significantly once in every three months. Testing methodologies thus need to be modified and updated according to the infrastructure. Whether you are monitoring the changes in your IT infrastructure or not, hackers are doing the same and planning accordingly.
  • Clearly Establish Your Goals: Before you take any measure towards software security, pause for a minute and review your plan. You should know about all the crucial assets of your company that are to be protected from hackers.
  • Pick the Right Tools: A multitude of penetration testing tools are available in the market, but not all of them are suitable for your company. Analyze your requirements and choose the appropriate tools.

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