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The Wrath of Android Malware and Its Impact on Mobile Device Security

From the very first day, the involvement of mobile devices in information technology has created a tough situation for software professionals. Given the likelihood of a mobile device to be stolen or lost, the apps on such device are definitely at the risk of being misused. Furthermore, it is not quite possible to avoid the users of these devices from accessing insecure networks.

Besides the usual factors threatening mobile device security, another threat has now entered the scenario, giving the software security professionals another trouble to be on the lookout for.

According to some revelations from recently published reports on digital security, cyber-criminals have come up with a malware that is capable of running on Android operating system, and a significant volume of this malware has already been built. Tracking each of the fluctuations in mobile market, hackers are now targeting users of Android-based mobile devices. One of the main reasons for Android operating systems becoming an easy target for hackers is the failure of manufacturers to provide regular updates. Studies have shown that the average number of security updates in these operating systems in a year is about 1.26. In such cases, mobile application security testing becomes critically important.

As many of us already know, there are numerous intentions for hackers to spread malware, most of them being financial. Some of the leading malware packages have been enlisted by security experts. According to this list, hackers leveraged the names of some highly reputed banks to make their offers more credible, thus creating dangerous traps for those availing these offers. Some victims were tricked into revealing their private details such as bank account information, by some malware packages. In some other cases, the malware itself mined for this information. Mobile security companies, as a result, have adopted a much more vigorous approach for enhancing the immunity of apps against malware thus keeping hackers at bay.

The bulk of Android-based malware last year was centered around the financial sector, putting several banks and other finance companies at risk. Eliminating this risk is now one of the top goals of every company that deploys apps to promote its business. For the same, it can either rely on in-house penetration testers or take the help of an external resource.

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