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Web Security Audit Is Necessary for Successful HIPAA Compliance

In today’s fast paced technological development, the website security audit is one of the main concerns for all internet applications. IT as well as other companies have lots of confidential information present in their databases. Breaches can be a common phenomenon if the protection is not adequate for the stocked data.The website security audit is to … read more

What Makes Website Security Audit Essential

Website security audit is critical to facilitate business process smoothly, since most of the business run online today. Everything is fast and we have open source networks, which makes connectivity seems an issue of past. But, this has also brought different types of vulnerabilities that make a software at risk of cyber-attack. This can be … read more

How Do the Latest Technology Trends Affect Software Security?

With technology being so deeply involved in all our lives, the risk associated with these technologies also is pretty high. A significant increase is observed in the rate of cyber crime every year – hackers being almost as proficient as the developers of software applications, are able to find the loopholes in these applications and … read more

Some Important Facts About Web Application Security Testing

Maintaining a good online presence is quite a tedious task – one has to deal with a continuously changing landscape while doing so. New technologies take the place of old ones, protocols get renewed and there are constant changes in the patterns of online traffic. Earlier, most of the traffic on the Internet was managed … read more