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Are Your Web Apps Really Safe? Test Them and Find Out!

Millions today rely on web applications for many of their routine tasks– with the purchasing power of people increasing steadily, frequent purchase of laptops, tablets and smartphones or any other mobile device does not come as a surprise anymore. Anyone using these devices would surely be familiar with web applications. Comprising of a set of … read more

Seek Protection from Cyber Vulnerabilities by Using Website Application Security Services

Nowadays, Internet has become an inseparable part of everyone’s life and at the same time it has also become a haven for illicit hackers and spammers. In such a scenario, it becomes necessary for everyone to protect their privacy from such notoriety. For companies conducting their businesses online or engaged in e-commerce, website application security … read more

Need for Website Application Security Services

If your company or organization is creating web applications for business use, you must know how crucial it is to secure these web applications. Any security loophole overlooked can allow a hacker to gain access to your web application and extract confidential information – misuse of this information can not only lead to financial losses … read more

Most Essential Web Application Security Best Practices

With the advancement in information technology, companies have started taking more interest in developing secure web applications. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to figure out the best practices for that purpose. There are certain organizations that offer website application security services, and also conduct reviews on websites to evaluate their security. A highly reputed … read more

Step-By-Step Approach for Web Application Security Testing

Due to recent advancements in information technology, it has become possible for one to gain unauthorized access to confidential information about web applications. It has thus become important for companies to employ web application security services. Here is an approach for testing web applications for security: Cracking Password Cracking password is the first step implemented … read more