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Is Penetration Testing Necessary for HIPAA Compliance?

HIPAA compliance requires the development of standards to safeguard electronically protected information (e-PHI). Although, according to HIPAA compliance, there is no regulation that explicitly requires vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, however assessing the vulnerabilities of your network and IT assets is essential for understanding the security risks.Therefore, HIPAA compliance does need a risk analysis, which … read more

How Black Box Penetration Testing Strengthens Security

A software that has a delicate functioning is vulnerable to a variety of security threats and risks. There are innumerable intrusions that a corporation faces and there emerges a need to counter attack known and unknown vulnerabilities. While penetration testing services are one thing that keeps the vulnerabilities at bay, an enterprise needs to be … read more

Security Risk Management Matters More Than You Think It Does!

Software security risk management in companies is seldom given the importance it deserves. Read on to know why it is so crucial. One doesn’t talk about programming languages alone when it comes to software development. The discussion would probably be hovering over a dozen other aspects like time complexity, space complexity, project deadlines, quality assurance … read more

Hackers Are Closing In! What’s Your Move?

With hackers closing in on popular websites and apps deployed by reputed companies, it has become imperative for these companies to make certain moves against hackers. Read on to know some of the best moves.    You can’t even imagine how dangerous it would have been to use the Internet if no one had spread … read more

Where Can Penetration Testers Go Wrong?

Meticulously planned penetration tests can sometimes fail due to certain mistakes committed by ethical hackers. Read on to know some of those mistakes. Meetings between security professionals regarding hacks and exploits is no longer a very rare event, thanks to the cyber crimes reported in the past few years. The threats posed by hackers today … read more