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Essential Certifications for Network Security Professionals

Network Security is an essential practice for every enterprise, where in specificpolicies and practices are implemented to protect information from unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a network-accessible resources. The field covers both private and public networks, and is aimed avoid data breach and bring an admin control infrastructure. The need for hiring network … read more

How to Achieve Digital Security?

To ensure digital security in an organization, several carefully planned steps need to be taken. Read on to know some of those steps. The convenience of using digital technologies has really developed an addiction in most of us for the same. A day without these technologies would probably result in stalls in several areas, not … read more

A Deeper Insight into Mobile Device Security

Mobile device security is often talked about but some organizations are yet to implement it. Read on to know some of the benefits of mobile app security testing. Probably nothing has an influence as strong as that of mobile technologies in our lives. Being accustomed to the use of apps on smartphones and tablets, we … read more

Software Security from a Different Perspective

Software security needs to be looked at from multiple points of view in any organization. Read on to know the importance of the same. Looking back at our mistakes in the past, we realize that most of them happened because we failed to consider every side to a situation. Scenario of software security flaws is … read more

How Do the Latest Technology Trends Affect Software Security?

With technology being so deeply involved in all our lives, the risk associated with these technologies also is pretty high. A significant increase is observed in the rate of cyber crime every year – hackers being almost as proficient as the developers of software applications, are able to find the loopholes in these applications and … read more