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Significance of Software Testing in SDLC Models

Software testing is a critical aspect of every enterprise as the process checks and proves the potential of a software. Correct implementation of software testing stages limits the scope for functional error in a software. Its necessity for the web application security is clearly known to everyone, But did you know Software testing is extremely … read more

Software Security Solutions – Why it’s necessary for a company

Businesses today, have grown into a highly interactive venture, and nothing facilitates the interaction the way software does. It is the heart of every business, that drives all the function by pumping efficiency with the applications of technology. Reduced cost, manpower, swift processing has made the world dependent on software technology, not just for business … read more

What Makes Software Security Assurance So Essential?

Importance of software security assurance is yet to be realized in some companies. The following blog throws some light on the issue and explains how it can be achieved. With the dependency of organizations worldwide on software technologies getting stronger, the risk to their confidential information also gets higher. Intensive use of web apps and … read more

A Deeper Insight into Mobile Device Security

Mobile device security is often talked about but some organizations are yet to implement it. Read on to know some of the benefits of mobile app security testing. Probably nothing has an influence as strong as that of mobile technologies in our lives. Being accustomed to the use of apps on smartphones and tablets, we … read more

Software Security from a Different Perspective

Software security needs to be looked at from multiple points of view in any organization. Read on to know the importance of the same. Looking back at our mistakes in the past, we realize that most of them happened because we failed to consider every side to a situation. Scenario of software security flaws is … read more