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Why is Black Box Testing Necessary for Software Security?

Let us first get to know what Black Box testing is and if it is an integral part of software security testing. Broadly speaking, it is defined as a type of software testing within which the internal structure/design/implementation of the object being tested is not entirely known to the tester. Also known by the term … read more

All You Need to Know about Gray Box Penetration Testing

Gray Box Penetration Testing applies to most of the testing scenarios since it is done with the partial knowledge of the internal processes of an application. It is used to test the software product or application for the context-specific errors that are related to web systems. It combines both white box testing and black box … read more

Key Benefits of Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, which is also known as pen-testing is a consolidated way to ensure that a software is free from vulnerabilities. It answers the most significant questions in business owners mind – What harm could a hacker do to my software? What is the strength and weakness of my information security program? Social Engineering Penetration … read more

How Black Box Penetration Testing Strengthens Security

A software that has a delicate functioning is vulnerable to a variety of security threats and risks. There are innumerable intrusions that a corporation faces and there emerges a need to counter attack known and unknown vulnerabilities. While penetration testing services are one thing that keeps the vulnerabilities at bay, an enterprise needs to be … read more

A Talk About the Pen-Testing Tools

The wide use of web applications and mobile applications is no longer a hot topic for discussion. Utilizing these apps is as normal as breathing these days. For almost every task at hand, there is an app available and people are using all sorts of mobile devices to manipulate these apps. With smartphones and tablets … read more