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How Blockchain can Help in Cyber Security?

The Era of Digitalization, The Era of Cyber Attacks With the advancement in technology and fast paced digital development happening around, the world is facing several security risks and attacks. Navigating the online world has become a real concern with the incidences of hacking attacks taking place across the digital world. One attack after another, … read more

5 Common Threats to Website Security

Website Security is a major concern for every web application. The last thing you wish is for a hacker to alter the content of your application, which poses a serious threat to its security. These risks could result in an attack that results in theft of website data, application resources, unauthorized access and brings virus … read more

How to Achieve Digital Security?

To ensure digital security in an organization, several carefully planned steps need to be taken. Read on to know some of those steps. The convenience of using digital technologies has really developed an addiction in most of us for the same. A day without these technologies would probably result in stalls in several areas, not … read more

Federal Cyber Security Plan Revealed!

Nobody takes a tragedy seriously until he/she becomes a victim of the same. If you are dealing with a smartphone that automatically downloads weird applications without asking your permission, and prompts the browser to visit certain pages you have never seen before, you have encountered a malware. Switching off your phone would be the first … read more

Timely Defense Against Cyber Attacks

Starting a business may not be a big deal for one who can make a huge investment, but maintaining the same and making consistent profit with it is the real challenge for an entrepreneur. The scenario of web applications is a little different from that of businesses. It takes a lot to build web applications … read more