Software Security Myths

Some Software Security Myths You Should Know About

Kids these days do not grab a dictionary at the mention of the term “software” to look it up. Not only do they know what it means, they are using a dozen software products already. Until a few years ago, parents hesitated to leave any gadget in the hands of their children fearing they might break it. Today, however, the tables have turned – we can see children using a smartphone for a dozen things parents don’t even know about. The world of technology is changing rapidly and influencing our lives with the new innovations it brings about.

The wide use of software products and numerous benefits these products offer are just one side of the coin and the other side portrays some serious concerns. With a variety of software products being used worldwide, more and more people are becoming vulnerable to cyber crime. For instance, a lot of businesses today have resorted to the use of software applications for each of their processes, particularly administration and accounts. The applications used by these businesses manipulate a vast amount of confidential information that can fall into the wrong hands if any of these applications gets hacked. In order to prevent hackers from ruining their businesses, entrepreneurs have adopted certain software security practices. These practices involve several steps such as testing the applications regularly and attacking them with the help of ethical hackers so that the vulnerabilities can be found and fixed.

While the security practices work for most businesses, certain myths related to software security can mislead those following these practices. Some of those myths have been explained below:

Software Security Requires Just a Single Tool:

Not only does this myth sound fake but also it is kiddish. An issue as intricate as software security cannot be taken care of with a single tool. For instance, a website security audit requires Black Box testing tools as well as those for statistical analysis.

All Security Issues Can Be Resolved With Penetration Testing:

Whoever started this myth definitely got the wrong idea about penetration testing. The technique involves a series of attacks on a software application or web application by an ethical hacker. While this can help you find the problems in security, it will not resolve those – you need a different approach for that.

While you are devising your software security plans, make sure you are not following any wrong myths such as those mentioned above.

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