Some Sad But True Facts About Software Security

It is quite hard to imagine a world without software technologies. Needless to say, a world without the technologies that we use today would be extremely boring and annoyingly slow. Fortunately, the world we live in today sees new innovations in all areas of technologies almost everyday. In a scenario where all of us resort to the Internet for almost everything be it  online shopping, ticket booking, bill payment or filling out admission forms for college, use of software applications is inevitable. An average individual who owns a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a personal computer, uses these apps dozens of times in a day. Some of these apps are just to perform some basic tasks such as calculation, drawing and coloring sketches, creating a document or record on a spreadsheet – these apps do not require an Internet connection. Some other apps such as those for social networking and online transactions, need to stay connected to the Internet. The latter type of apps happen to be more popular these days.

Whichever software application one chooses, he/she will have to give some private details as an input while registering for the app. The security of these details is what most users today are worried about. Most of us who read newspapers or follow some technical bloggers are now familiar with terms like “cyber crime”, “hackers”, “ ethical hackers”, “white hats” and “black hats”. The latter two terms are just alternatives for the second and third terms. The point you need to understand here is that hackers or black hats pose a great threat to the security of your software applications. While some of them hack just for the thrill of breaking security protocols, some others do the same with malicious intent. Apps from topnotch companies can sometimes fall prey to hackers. As a result, these hackers will have access to highly confidential information and can use it anyway they want. A company’s secrets, for instance, can be sold to its rivals at a huge price. The only way to avoid such terrible consequences is to use software security solutions. With these solutions you can either add some security features to your app after it has been deployed or do the same during the development phase itself – some people do both.

While security solutions for software applications are definitely worth making use of, those involved in software security practices in India have to face certain bitter truths, such as:

  • Even a single weakness is enough for a hacker to gain unauthorized access to an app.
  • Hackers can adopt a different set of tactics anytime and it will be hard to figure that out.
  • Some security solutions are not able to resolve the root issue.
  • Sometimes ethical hackers can fail to focus on the right loophole.

The facts mentioned above are surely a disappointment both app users and the companies deploying these apps. It is still possible to eliminate all threats to a software application if the right strategies are implemented.

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