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The Legitimate Hacking – Software Security Testing

Software Security testing is used to find vulnerabilities in a security network. An ethical hacker, who tests a security network, actually hacks the system to test its vulnerability. But this type of hacking is legitimate and many of the organizations, in reality, pay software security testing companies for performing hacking to make sure there are no security loopholes which could be exploited by the real hackers.

Software security testing is one component of a larger program of activities and includes a variety of practices, processes, and assessments. A software security tester interacts with the system and understands exactly how it works and how it might be vulnerable. A variety of Probes is sent that attempt to examine unusual or unexpected behavior. All the vulnerabilities are documented with proofs to demonstrate their impact on software security.

Performing the Software Security Testing

The activities that comprise security testing are as follows:

  • Source code review: This can include the use of:
    • Third party source code analysis
    • Custom written tools
    • Manual code
  • Penetration testing: Penetration testing is a manual process (majorly) that exploits any vulnerabilities that can be used to gain access to the software security network.
  • Vulnerability scanning: Vulnerability scanning is an automated process that identifies any possible security holes in a network.
  • Investigating a local instance of the application: Performed by attaching debuggers and tracing.It allows the tester to associate code with user actions.
  • Security configuration reviews: This confirms that the system settings for supporting services are securely configured. Many services have security-critical settings, and secure configurations are recommended.
  • Scanning for vulnerabilities in supporting third-party services and libraries.

After giving suggestions, software security testers are usually not involved in fixing vulnerabilities. Since ethical hacking is so important for software security, it is essential to choose the right software security testing company which can find all possible vulnerabilities. Avyaan has a pool of ethical hackers having ample of experience in working on various projects. Whether you are an NBFC or looking for HIPAA compliance, we offer cost effective software security testing services.

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