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Significance of Software Testing in SDLC Models

Software testing is a critical aspect of every enterprise as the process checks and proves the potential of a software. Correct implementation of software testing stages limits the scope for functional error in a software. Its necessity for the web application security is clearly known to everyone,

But did you know Software testing is extremely important in Software Development life Cycle!

What is a Software Development Life Cycle?

The process that clearly defines all stages of planning, designing, development, and testing, which helps to meet the requirements and expectations of a software is known as a software development life cycle. Every Step in an SDLC models runs in a loop where slightest of ignorance brings errors and makes a software less capable.

Stages in a Software Development Life Cycle

Stage 1 -Requirements Gathering: Undoubtedly, the first step for developing a software includes collecting every detail about the requirements.

Stage 2- RequirementsAnalysis: A detailed analysis is necessary to better plan and implement the designs of a software.

Stage 3- Design & Development: Planning wireframes, themes, and every other visual, as well as functional aspects of a software.

Stage 4- Implementation: Implementing the entire software project with clear and correct development.

Stage 5- Testing: Testing the software to check its build, quality, and functionality to meet the optimum level.

Why is Software Testing crucial in SDLC?

  • It removes the need to involve spiral testing mechanism, which reduces the costs by eliminating the need for deploying larger resources.
  • Although the mere role of testing is to find and lodge errors but implementing it in initial stages of a software development can reduce cost, time, and scope for resulting in error
  • If testing runs simultaneously with a development cycle, errors that go unnoticed by developers can be resolved on real time basis.
  • Testing enhances the product standards, results in early acceptance, and profits for the software development company.

Therefore, need for software testing services is a necessity. These services prove valuable in identifying criticalities that affect functionalities of the software and helps to make it efficient and bugs-free.

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