Secure your smartphone

Secure Your Smartphone

With the telecom industry and mobile marketing being at its peak, smartphones have become one of the most common things today. They can in fact, be called mini computers as they provide almost all the features that a computer can provide. Though, with all these features, smartphones stand vulnerable to cyber crime as well. Hence, mentioned below are some steps that can help you protect your smartphone from various threats –

Lock Your Device:

There are different kinds of lock such as fingerprint scanner and simple PIN lock. All the smartphones do have a locking system that keeps from cell being misused. These locks do not allow anyone to access your personal data which works well if your phone is lost or is in wrong hands.

Do Not Put Sensitive Content on Your Smartphone:

Avoid putting any sensitive data related to your business or workplace on your phone as this data can easily be transferred to some other device. Storing work related information on private devices when a BYOD is not in place, can be really risky.

Do Not Open Random Content:

People often receive intriguing SMSes on their smartphones asking them to open untrusted links. Do not fall for such fake tricks as spam texts can lead you to viruses and other harmful applications.
These shady websites and applications can not only reduce the efficiency of your smartphones but, also affect its content too.

Stick to Your Company’s Social Media Rules:

Most of the companies these days have some sort of a social media policy in place to avoid disclosing business sensitive information over social media channels. Thus, one must use social media responsibly on personal mobile devices as at times sharing a seemingly innocuous piece of data can end you up in a major trouble.

Do Not Use Insecure Wi-Fi:

If you are carrying your company’s sensitive data or any other crucial information on your phone then avoid using an insecure Wi-Fi connection as hackers can easily steal information from your phone over such networks. It is advised to always use trusted wi-fi connections with WPA2 encryption as they are pretty safe and are tough to be accessed unethically.

Ensure Your Phone has a Security Software and Automatic Locking System:

A number of anti virus softwares are easily available for smartphones these days. It protects your phone from malwares, trojans and untrusted applications. Also ensure that your phone locks automatically after a set time when it is not being used.

Get the latest and most secure applications:

Before downloading any application on your smartphone always check if the app is secure or not. You can also go through the reviews to know more about the working of the app through the feedback of different users. Keep all your apps up to date because these updates also improve the security features of your apps.

These small step can help your smartphone from a number of risks and slip ups.

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