Protection Against DOS attack

Protection Against DOS

The abbreviation DOS means Denial of service or distributed denial of service. DOS is a simple program which is used to run programs and to carry out simple tasks. But dos is now being used to attack different machines and networks to make them unavailable to their original users. These attacks are widely used because of their simple process. Everyone can access these simple dos tools on the internet. Even the beginners can use these tools to harm the victim by sending UDP, TCP and HTTP requests. Due to easy availability of this destructive data, the attacks are increasing day by day. To protect your machine or network you can take several precautions.

Some of these are listed below:

Check your processes- Always keep a check on your processes because they can harm you like a hacker does. These processes can hit you and you wont be able to know because they grow in your presence. You have to evaluate these processes wisely in order to protect yourself from these harmful attacks.

Use Cleaning Pipes- Cleaning center is a way of cleaning or separating the bad traffic and only allowing the good traffic to enter. Central connectivity is required by the provider to carry this cleaning service. It can help you to avoid the bad traffic that can harm your machine in different ways.

Hack Your Network- To know about your networks strengths and weaknesses you can create a try hacking your network so that you can get to know about the loopholes. This will help you understand your network and you can take proper steps to save yourself from a real hacker. This is the best way of exploring your network and protecting it from any future attack.

Test Yourself- Test your network while it is serving your customers. You will be able to find out the problems on your network through cyber security that time and you will be able to discover the real problem through your customer service experience. Testing yourself will help you achieve better results and protection against the dos attacks.

Keep a check on the Changes- Always keep a check on the changes by scheduled audits as they will help you know more about your network. Check the current changes and the reasoning for the changes. This will help you know about the common and uncommon configuration of your network and protect you from regular errors.

Check The configuration- Just monitoring your network is not enough. You need to know even the minute details of your network. Your administrator needs to know about every program, host, router and the interactions so that everything can be under control. A good knowledge should be accessible to all your administrators so that any unforeseen threat can be evaded.

Summary: A dos attack can affect your network and to protect it from these attacks you need to take proper precautions so that it does not affect your network . These steps can help you with your network as you will get a better idea about it.

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