Protect Your Critical Data with Website Application Security Testing Services

Protect Your Critical Data with Website Application Security Testing Services

Web applications are being widely used today. Many companies and firms such as E-commerce businesses build their own web applications to make it easier for customers to avail their services. For instance, people who own smart phones, tablets or ipads, use apps for online shopping, ticket reservations, booking cabs and many other purposes. Companies which use web applications to promote their business also need to keep them secure, for which they use website application security testing services.

Overview of Web Application Security Testing

Web application security testing is the detailed process of evaluating security level of a particular web application, doing a thorough analysis on it and reporting the same to the owner of that application. Web developers collaborate with security administrators and carry out this process to test their web applications and gauge their security strengths. Several techniques for security testing, both automated and manual are involved in this process. Identifying threats and vulnerabilities that can put the integrity or security of a web application in jeopardy, is the major goal of this testing process.

Web application security testing is further divided into multiple processes, each of which evaluates the security of a web application at a particular stage. First and most important step in this procedure is to identify and scope the application. Following this, multiple tests are planned and implemented in a systematic manner.

Normally, web application is tested once it is fully developed. It is then subjected to strict testing which also includes malicious attacks. A web application external penetration testing services company is employed for this purpose. Performance of the application and its response to these attacks is then carefully analyzed. After the completion of security testing process, a formal report is prepared.

This report includes the following information:

  • Vulnerabilities identified in the web application
  • If is there any Major Threats
  • Recommended measures to eliminate security flaws

Following are some of the major stages in security testing:

Importance of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is that stage of web application security testing where its is subjected to attacks. This is the most important stage of testing process. It helps one to figure out the loopholes in a web application, that can be exploited by hackers. Most companies today make use of external penetration testing services where an unauthorized user attempts to access the internal network through the web application.

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