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Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks with IT Security Audit Services

Malware, viruses, and worms can cause significant damage to the business. This is the reason why IT security audit services are gaining popularity these days because they ensure safety.

An audit provided by IT security audit companies involves the analysis of the practices, procedures, technical method, and other resources, which are supposed to manage any business’s security and ensures that you follow the best practices to protect yourself from the threats. IT security audit companies can also help you in ensuring safety from the cyber threats like the latest ransomware attacks.

Listed below are the top cyber security threats:

1: Phishing Attack

Phishing, a type of social engineering attack often used to obtain user information, including username, password &credit card numbers, by disguising as somebody else who is trustworthy.

2: APT Attacks

An advanced persistent threat is a network attack in which an unauthorized person gains access to a system and stay there undetected for an extended period. It is used to steal data rather than to cause damage to the network&organization. It attacks target organizations with high-value information such as companies providing financial information.

3: Cyber Attacks

A cyber attack is also known as computer network attack(CAN), utilize a malicious code to alter computer code or data that results in disrupting consequences and various cyber crimes.

4: Known Software Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability refers to loopholes in the security of the system in different contexts. It is related to some violation of a security policy, which may occur due to weak security rules or problem within the software itself.

5: Social Engineering

The use of deception just to manipulate individuals into revealing confidential or personal information, which may be used for fraudulent purposes.

WannaCry, a ransomware which was used in recent cyber-attacks is more dangerous than other common ransomware attacks because of its ability to spread itself across the organization’s network by exploiting a vulnerability of outdated and unpatched Windows systems. Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself from such ransomware.

Avyaan is one of the leading IT security audit companies, which offers security audit services at competitive prices. The security professionals of Avyaan have ample of experience in testing security services of the various organization.

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