Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing: What’s Good and What’s Bad About It?

Despite the several technological innovations during the past few years, software security still seems to have a big question mark on it. While the multitude of mobile applications and web applications have made a lot of things easier for us, our private information is still at the risk of being accessed by the wrong persons. The digital world today has a major threat to deal with – it is known as cyber crime.

Hackers, otherwise known as the black hats, are the major part of cyber crime. While they do not appear to be as intimidating as thieves, burglars, chain-snatchers, smugglers or terrorists, the situation created by them can be as chaotic and destructive as those created by other criminals. A topnotch company that makes profits in big currencies and handles a vast amount of confidential information can very well meet its doom if its business software becomes a victim of hacking. Having realized this fact, a large number of firms have already hired an external penetration testing services company.

Companies that implement software applications for their business processes simply can’t do without penetration testing. The process is all about testing how vulnerable a mobile application or web applications is to an attack by hackers. Highly skilled professionals known as ethical hackers or white hats are hired for this job. They subject the concerned application to several attempts of unauthorized access in order to find the security loopholes in it. These security flaws are properly documented and strategies to fix these flaws are then devised.

There are two sides to a coin, and both good and bad aspects about pretty much everything, let alone something as detailed and organized as penetration testing. The following section explains some pros and cons of penetration testing.

Pros of Penetration Testing

  • Availing penetration testing services will surely bring about a positive change in the security of mobile and web applications.
  • Any security flaws that escape the attention of conventional automated tools, can be detected with the help of penetration testing.
  • All of the understandings and assumptions regarding the app-building environment can be justified.

Cons of Penetration Testing

  • Penetration testing involves a big investment and mistakes committed during the process can sometimes result in consequences as severe as huge financial losses, considerable decrease in productivity and data leaks.

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