Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Keeps Your Web Apps Safe

Today it is hard to even imagine our daily routine without web apps – advent of these applications is a great milestone in information technology. From old-school personal computers to laptops as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are capable of running these applications. Basically, a web application is a program that uses an internet connection to carry out one or more tasks.

Web apps are undoubtedly a great innovation – our lives have become a lot easier with the use of these apps. With bill payment apps, you don’t have to go to the trouble of traveling all the way to different offices for paying your bills. This is just one example and there are many others such as online shopping, money transfer and ticket booking where you can save a lot of time and effort with web apps. Due to their wide usage, web apps are often exposed to security threats – hackers everywhere try to break through the wall of security in these apps in order to gain access to private information of users, which is why it is necessary to secure these apps with the help of penetration testing.

Today one can find many companies that deploy web apps to connect with their clients and customers. Any security loopholes in these apps will put confidential information such as trade secrets and inventory details at risk. Hence, such companies need to avail external penetration testing services. These services help companies figure out how far can their web apps stay immune from the attacks of hackers.

As the term suggests, penetration testing involves the exposure of a web application to attacks by an ethical hacker, that is a hacking expert working for a web application external penetration testing services company. Posing as an external entity, the hacker attempts to cause a security breach in the application. Every attempt allows the company to find out the flaws in the application and each of the flaws is documented in a report.

Penetration testing is an important task for any company that deploys web applications to promote its business. Hiring professional services for the same helps such companies ensure the security of their applications.

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