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Mobile Device Security Trends for 2016

Welcoming the new year with parties and other kind of celebrations is one of most the enjoyable parts during the beginning of a year. Unfortunately, not all parts are same as this one. We all have lots of things coming our way, both good and bad. The best we can do is to enjoy the good parts and prepare for the bad ones. The bad parts being referred to here are data breaches in websites, web applications and mobile applications.

Needless to say, mobile devices have almost become an organ of our body. Considering the number of times people use the apps in such devices in a day, one can say that a whole routine depends on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Along with mobile applications, web applications too are used several times during the day. While we use these apps, we often ignore the mobile device security threats which can not only ruin the functionality of the app, but can also cause confidential information to fall in the wrong hands.

According to some studies, the total cost of data breaches in the year 2015 has been estimated to be around $ 3.79 million. With continued negligence towards mobile application security this cost is bound to increase every year. Falling prey to cyber criminals will become more of a normalcy if we fail to implement the right security solutions.

To help you improve your mobile application management plans, we mention below the mobile device security trends for the year 2016:

Increased Usage of Cloud Services
The more the number of services residing on the cloud is, the more likely are IT departments of companies to lose control and oversight. Employees will be able to avail the services they need without the IT department overseeing the process. It is necessary for the IT department in companies to have complete visibility.

Stronger Ransomware Attacks:
With time, the impact of ransomware attacks has increased considerably. Under these attacks, confidential information manipulated by apps gets encrypted and cannot be accessed until a certain ransom amount is paid. Even one such attack can cost a company a fortune and thus security testing professionals need to avoid it by all means necessary.

Adjusting your mobile app security policies in accordance with the above-mentioned trends will help you keep your apps secure.

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