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Essential Certifications for Network Security Professionals

Network Security is an essential practice for every enterprise, where in specificpolicies and practices are implemented to protect information from unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a network-accessible resources. The field covers both private and public networks, and is aimed avoid data breach and bring an admin control infrastructure.

The need for hiring network security services arises when a company functions on an outdated network, filled with vulnerabilities that could poses a serious threat to sensitive user data. Network security providers conduct a VA (Vulnerability assessment) and PT (Penetration Testing) to find out vulnerabilities and assess the capabilities of a network.

Now before hiring a company for web application security assessment, its best to first check the credentials of their testers. There’s a standard credentialization process, which licenses a security professional based n their skills to conduct security testing. Examine them entrusts that your application is being assessed by experts, and there’s little scope for vulnerabilities to go unidentified.

Here’s a list of top 10 certifications, one must choose before authorizing a professional to conduct security testing on their application.

CREST          CREST Registered Penetration Tester

CEH               Certified Ethical Hacker

OSCP             Offensive Security Certified Professional

CPT                Certified Penetration Tester

CISSP            Certified Information Systems Security Professional

SSCP              Systems Security Certified Practitioner

CASP             CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner

CEH               Certified Ethical Hacker

CIPP              Certified Information Privacy Professional

CRISC           Certified In Risk and Information Systems Control

These certifications are obtained by taking courses and examination. These give an idea about the quality and potentials of testers and helps in choosing top security service company. It is advised to first assess the testers on the basis of these credentials before advancing on hiring services.

Avyaan, is a leading security services provider in the country, with expert testers certified in CEH, OSCP, CPT, and ECSA. They have successfully conducted VA and PT for different clients, and they use advance open source, as well as licensed tools to test a web application.

For further information on web application security services, contact Avyaan.

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