Malware: Know About It! Fight It!

Malware, like computer viruses, is threatening the security software systems today. Read on to know some of its basic types and how to avoid the same.

It has been a long time since threats like computer viruses showed up. These viruses not only ruined the experience of using computers but also put the information stored in these computers at risk. These viruses can wreak havoc on systems manipulating large amounts of confidential data.

Apart from viruses, there is another security threat that has surfaced over the years – it is called malware. Capable of hijacking your browser, malware can easily cause your search attempts to get redirected, track all the websites visited by you and even gather all the sign-up information you submit on these websites. Furthermore, you will start seeing unwanted pop-ups once the malware starts doing its job. Malware usually comprises of malicious code which slows down your system and messes up all the applications. Malware protection is thus one of the basic steps for any user.

Any attempt to take down your enemy should be preceded by an information-gathering phase in which you learn everything about your enemy. Same is the case with malware removal. Mentioned below are some of the common types of malware you need to know about.


Programs known as spyware are created with the intent of extracting the information stored in a computer along with the details of the person using it, and sending it to someone else. While some kinds of spyware just track the websites you visit, some others request you for information through forms. Once you fill that form and submit the information, a long page loading process starts during which all your information is being extracted.


As the name suggests adware is a program that displays unwanted ads on your screen. These ads can show up as pop-ups or pop-downs, or can even be embedded in the online programs you use. Unless you have the necessary blocking software, these ads cannot be avoided or closed.

How to Block Malware?

Now that you have known the major types of malware, it is time you adopted some measures to eliminate the same. Use of a high-quality anti-virus software is strongly recommended for this purpose. This software should be updated from time to time so that it never fails to detect a threat in your system. Apart from using this software, you should also avoid downloading data from non-reliable sources.

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