Mobile Application security Audit Services

Key Services Available in Mobile Application Security

Before understanding the concept of mobile application audit, it is very essential for us to know what security audit is. According to experts, security audit is basically an evaluation, review and testing of the security, of various information in a company, in a systematic method. It is a study of how well it conforms to a set of established criteria. Security audit can be of various types. One most important among them is the Mobile Application Security audit.

What is Mobile Application Security Audit?

It is a method that helps us to review the security of various mobile applications used by a company, through reviewing and auditing the documented security essentials of the company, in compliance with the Industry Security Standards and Best Practices. It basically builds a strong foundation for a useful, secured mobile application, thereby achieving the security goals of a company in terms of its business processes and technical mechanisms, including individual behavior.

Services offered

Mobile application audit and review require professional help for a proper evaluation of the mobile apps, discovering the technical flaws and security gaps.

The various mobile application security audit services are as follows:

• Review of the presently used mobile application security requirements.
• Proper analysis of the current mobile application requirements for security.
• Study of security requirements in terms of applicatory regulatory and standards.
• Finding the technical problems and security flaws in security requirements.
• Rectifying the problems.
• Documentation of new security requirements.
• Evaluation of the new security requirements of mobile apps.
• Provide management the operating effectiveness of mobile computing security policies and procedures.
• Identify regulatory lapses that could affect the company.
• Identify information and security control issues that arise due to weaknesses in mobile computing controls.

Key Benefits

It is very essential to hire the services of mobile application security testing services company to audit mobile apps at-least once a year. The key benefits are:

• It ensures that the systems are used in the intended manner.
• It controls legal liability.
• It ensures reliability, accuracy and security of enterprise data.

Considering the fact that today mobile devices are being used consistently by employees even outside the company’s perimeter, there is the need for threat management, spam and content filtering. It is essential to reduce the risk and loss to a minimum.

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