Importance of Enrolling in Cyber Security Awareness Training

Importance of Enrolling in Cyber Security Awareness Training

Protecting company data from outside is one of the most crucial tasks for organizations, as they lack even the basic knowledge of cyber security. Businesses are daily facing threats of phishing, data breaches, ransomware and malware attacks. These attacks not only result in losses amounting to millions of dollars, but also damage company reputation.

Research shows that five out of six of the mosr severe IT security threats are directly related to either phishing or aftermath of a phishing attack. An example of a popular phishing attack is Syrian Electronic Army, which has attacked popular organizations such as Microsoft, Twitter, Forbes, Skype, Paypal and eBay.

Where Do We Lack?

As per a report by Verizon Data Breach Investigations, approximately 58% of incidents involving cyber security, were caused by employees, either because of failure in handling data or because they approved malicious data. So, in order to deal with online threats, individuals have to be aware of different kinds of internet threats like how to identify phishing emails, knowing which software applications are safe, etc. This is where good cyber security services and awareness programs comes into place.

It is said that in order to catch a thief, you should think like a criminal. Similarly, if a hacker provides you training then nothing can stop you from becoming a cyber expert. The training includes live demonstrations with videos, frequent simulated phishing attacks, using short tests and case studies. The training program makes sure that the employees understands the mechanisms of phishing, malware and social engineering, spear phishing, spam, etc, and they are able to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day work.

There are short multiple choice test after every case study and effectively scheduled Phishing Security Tests keeps you aware about threats. You will be able to schedule regular Phishing Security Tests from your Admin Console, as well as from known-to-work templates. If an employee falls for one of these simulated phishing attacks, there are several options for corrections and one of them is instant remedial online training.

Cyber security awareness training is a great way of making your employees aware of the dangers of the internet. Frequent simulated phishing attacks are the best feature of this training. With security on top of their minds, this training keeps your employees on their toes.

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