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How to Choose Software Testing Company for HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act defines standards for safeguarding the sensitive, confidential data of the patients stored with various stakeholders of the healthcare industry. The act requires health insurance providers to enforce e-PHI i.e. strict privacy and security rules to safeguard all electronically protected health information.

When dealing with the healthcare client, it is important that a software testing company understands the specific guidelines set forth by HIPAA, so that they are included in its testing plan and strategy. A good QA company keeps following strategies in mind for full compliance:

Access Control: A user should be allowed to access only the minimum amount of information within an application, needed to complete a given task. Access can be control based on:

  • User (admin or standard)
  • Role (executive or manager)
  • Context (specific time or date)

Encrypted Data Transfers: Data shared among users should be fully encrypted, and only the target users should be able to decrypt it. The same rule should be followed for the data stored in the cloud. Good software testing companies perform risk analysis in the event of any data loss during transfer or unauthorized access attempts, after testing.

Data Sanitization: When performing software application testing for a healthcare organization, a good software testing company makes it a mandatory practice to exchange any patient data with test data, for the fields like name, address, SSN number, phone number, etc.

Structured Test Data Approach: Excellent software testing solutions used by software testing companies standardize the test data used for verification.

Audit Trail: Maintaining an audit trail to monitor all actions involving patient data is mandatory for HIPAA compliance, which includes modifications, deletions, additions, etc.

Failover/Load Balancing: Perhaps the most vital aspect that a software testing company must look into, in the healthcare industry. Failover plans/load balancing is used to verify the system’s ability to continue day-to-day operations.

In the healthcare industry, the stakes are very high, all the more reason to pay close attention when choosing a software testing company for HIPAA compliance. When choosing a company for software testing, you should make sure that they do perform methods mentioned above. Having a pool of developers and testers, Avyaan makes sure that these methods are followed during the software testing of your healthcare system to make sure it has full compliance with HIPAA. For details, contact us.

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