Application Security Testing Services

How Do the Latest Technology Trends Affect Software Security?

With technology being so deeply involved in all our lives, the risk associated with these technologies also is pretty high. A significant increase is observed in the rate of cyber crime every year – hackers being almost as proficient as the developers of software applications, are able to find the loopholes in these applications and devise a plan to override the security mechanism of these apps. The quest for secure software is more like a cat-and-mouse game between hackers and developers.

Software applications, be it mobile apps or web apps, are a lifeline for many people today. Failing to pay your bills through payment apps by the due date, you will only end up paying extra amount, not to mention the trouble of visiting offices personally to pay the bills. Furthermore, some services such as those of certain reputed cab companies can’t be availed unless you have their apps installed on your smartphone or tablet.  Continued use of such apps, though quite convenient, puts the users’ private information which is manipulated by these apps at risk. Application security testing services, as a result, have become an indispensable requirement for the companies deploying these apps. Aimed at the improvement of defense mechanism of these apps against the attacks of hackers, these services can either be taken care of by in-house penetration testers of the concerned company, or can be availed from an external penetration testing company.

Evolving continuously, the world of technology witnesses several innovations. The changing trends in technology have an impact on software security as well. Some of these trends have been explained below:

Mobile Device Dominance:

The current era is that of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Such devices are used extensively for communication, shopping, internet banking and several other purposes. Owing to the wide use of these devices, the focus of transactions is shifting from traditional means to e-wallet and other mobile payment technologies. With responsive websites gaining prominence, people have started to use these devices for general browsing as well. Web application security testing has thus become paramount among companies that deploy apps to expand their clientele.

Smarter Vehicles

Automobiles these days have embedded computer systems that help drivers figure out routes. Connected to the Internet all the time, these systems too are vulnerable to hackers. Like website security testing, some approaches need to be implemented for these systems as well.

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