Penetration Testing

How Black Box Penetration Testing Strengthens Security

A software that has a delicate functioning is vulnerable to a variety of security threats and risks. There are innumerable intrusions that a corporation faces and there emerges a need to counter attack known and unknown vulnerabilities.

While penetration testing services are one thing that keeps the vulnerabilities at bay, an enterprise needs to be clear about which kind of testing is apt for the software to avail maximum benefits.

Black box testing is one method that comes in handy. It’s a method for software testing where a tester must examine a software functionality, without prior knowledge of internal structure or workings. This considered as an offset method where through the unit, integration a system testing vulnerabilities are examined. It maximizes

This is revolutionary step against ethical hackers as it helps us to examine the software weakness which hackers tend to exploit. It’s essential for an enterprise as they help a software be better prepared for real-time attacks. This is done by building defensive mechanism based on the results of black box penetration testing

Why Black box testing over White and Grey box testing?

Now that’s another question which you must as a penetration testing company before choosing services. While white box testing is done after knowing the system’s ins and outs(structure), it has a disadvantage of not being practical about real-time attacks.

Grey had technique is a combination of both white and black box penetration testing.

Black Box vs White Box

Black Box Testing:

  • A penetration testing method where the tester is unaware about the software’s structure/ design/ implementation of the item at the time of testing.
  • Mainly applicable to higher levels of testing like acceptance testing.
  • Generally, independent Software Testers are given the responsibility to test using this method
  • No prior Knowledge of programming knowledge needed
  • No requirement for implementation knowledge
  • Requirement Specifications are needed

White Box Testing:

  • White Box Testing is a software testing method in which the internal structure/ design/ implementation of the item being tested is known to the tester.
  • Mainly applicable to lower levels of testing like integration or unit testing.
  • Generally, Software Developers are assigned to test using this method
  • Developers need programming knowledge.
  • Requirement of Implementation Knowledge
  • Detail Design is required.

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