Hit by Cyber Extortion? Here’s Your First Aid!

Cyber extortion has inflicted a great damage on several businesses in the past. Read on to know how you can best respond to the same.

Contrary to several misconceptions people have, cyber extortion is not a new unpleasant guest. It is rather an old foe that just happened to show up in too many disguises and most of us never had a clue about it. Now it has almost been four decades since this software security trouble started targeting vulnerable businesses.

If there is something businesses today need as desperately as innovative technologies, it is software security solutions. Thefts of millions of dollars are seldom done personally today, as hackers have come up with online means for the same. A control over the confidential details and bank accounts of companies not only gives the hackers a leverage over them but also a never-ending cash flow. Transferring funds would be child’s play for them once they decipher the account passwords of a few industrial big shots. They can sell trade secrets, manipulate top-secret information to their advantage and extort as much money as they want.

The fear of meeting a financial deadlock is pretty much common among all entrepreneurs. As a result, hiring a software testing company in India has thus become less of an option and more of a necessity.

Only when you know everything about a threat, you can come up with the best response for the same. Companies need to know how cyber extortion works, before devising a strategy against it. Here is what happens during cyber extortion:

  • Ransomware blackmails companies into paying a huge amount of money in return for passwords and decryption keys that are crucial for daily operations.
  • Sensitive information about the business is withheld from those who are normally authorized to access it. This can delay several important deals and transactions.
  • Hackers flood websites and apps of a business with service requests, resulting in a total chaos and ruining its reputation.

Retaliate to the Attack

Here are some measures you can implement in order to respond to a cyber extortion attack:

  • Use filtering approaches to manipulate your browsers and routers into blocking unnecessary traffic.
  • Redirect the traffic that you have already received to a black hole.
  • Maximize your bandwidth through multiple ISPs.

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