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For Successful HIPAA Compliance, Opt for Web Application Security Testing

HIPAA Compliance: What it is and Why it is so Important in Healthcare Industry?

Databases of clients, containing information about their profiles and their interactions with the business, is important for every enterprise, no matter in which industry they are operating. But when it comes to Health Industry, in which end consumer is the patient, databases are like Gold Mines, and they are meant to be protected in a similar way.

In this era of superior security requirements, enterprises in the healthcare industry need to secure their web applications to protect the confidential healthcare information that they store, receive and transmit. In the United States, this has become a federal mandate, also known as the Health Insurance Portability andAccountability Act (HIPAA). It mandates the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI)from the threats and vulnerabilities.

For HIPAA compliance, a set of information security best practices needs to be followed for determining risks, implementing proper controls and performing ongoing assessments to protect health information continuously.

HIPAA Compliance and Web Application Security Testing

Web Security Audit is crucial for HIPAA compliance, and its requirements apply to every system that processes or maintains PHI, including system monitoring components. For HIPAA compliance, an organization needs to have strong policies for following areas:

  • User Authentication: Access Controls, Password Management, Exception Handling, Input Validation,
  • Application Development: Incident Response, Business Continuity. Periodic Security Assessments andWebsite Security Audits
  • Secure Data Storage and Exchange: Logging, Monitoring, Alerting, System hardening, Change Management

If you do not have security policies for maintaining HIPAA compliance in place, your web applications are at the risk of exposing healthcare systems and PHI to unauthorized users.You also need to detect vulnerabilities so that they can be fixed before attackers discover and exploit them. A website security audit reviews all aspects of the information security infrastructure and determines specific information threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.

How Avyaan’s Web Application Security Testing Services Help!

Security products, such as firewalls, encryption, and intrusion detection system scan allow web-based attacks to occur without being detected or may not be able to address them effectively. You can prevent attackers from accessing the network by performing proactive web application vulnerability assessments and implementing necessary fixes via Avyaan’s Web Security Audit.

For more details, reach out to one of the Avyaan’s Consultants.

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