Hackers Are Closing In! What’s Your Move?

With hackers closing in on popular websites and apps deployed by reputed companies, it has become imperative for these companies to make certain moves against hackers. Read on to know some of the best moves.   

You can’t even imagine how dangerous it would have been to use the Internet if no one had spread awareness about hackers and cyber crime. If hackers succeed in foiling the security mechanism of every app or website they encounter, not only will the users of these apps and websites end up putting their personal details at risk, but also they are very much likely to witness some crimes being committed in their name through their online credentials. These acts can range from bank thefts to breaches in highly confidential databases and servers especially those related to national security.

Having known about the threats posed by hackers, most companies have decided to adopt penetration testing as a regular routine. The process involves attacks on a company’s websites and applications, simulated by an in-house team of ethical hackers. In the absence of such a team , services of an external penetration testing company are availed.

Web penetration testing involves several measures implemented in different stages. In most of these stages, one is likely to find counter-moves against hackers, such as those explained below:

  • Penetrations testers together hatch a plan for prioritization of vulnerabilities in the websites and applications they are dealing with. After patching these vulnerabilities and assigning a priority to each of them, testers can stop hackers before they enter the weak points.
  • All teams in the organization should be trained in security essentials so that they can recognize any phishing attack and report the same to the team of ethical hackers. At the same time, a solution that alerts the team in the event of such attacks, should be devised and implemented.
  • A detailed record of all privileged accounts and their owners in the company should be prepared with the help of a robust identity management system. This prevents secret information from falling into the wrong hands.
  • All passwords used in the organization should be analyzed from time to time. The dependent passwords, which are usually easy to decipher, should be changed as soon as possible.
  • Monitoring the network regularly helps penetration testers prevent the possibility of a malware intrusion initiated by hackers.

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