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All You Need to Know about Gray Box Penetration Testing

Gray Box Penetration Testing applies to most of the testing scenarios since it is done with the partial knowledge of the internal processes of an application. It is used to test the software product or application for the context-specific errors that are related to web systems.

It combines both white box testing and black box testing methods.

  • Source code in White Box testing is known
  • Source code in Black Box testing is unknown
  • Source code inGray Box Testing is partially known

Gray Box Testing involves testing of both presentation layer as well as the code part. Some of the features of gray box testing are as follows

  • Provides combined benefits of black box testing and white box testing
  • Reduces the long process of testing functional and non-functional components
  • Take the user point of view in consideration

Some of the techniques used in Gray Box Penetration Testing:

  • Matrix Testing: Involves defining all the variables that exist in their programs.
  • Orthogonal Array Testing or OAT: Provides maximum code coverage with minimum test cases.
  • Regression Testing: Check whether the change in the previous version has regressed other aspects of the program in the new version.
  • Pattern Testing: Performed on the historical data of the previous system defects.

Gray Box testing methodology uses automated software testing tools. Its test cases can be Database related, Browser related, Security related, GUI related, to name a few.

To conclude, Gray Box testing can reduce the overall cost of system defects. It is more suited for GUI, functional testing, security assessment, web applications, web-services, etc.Avyaan software testers have diverse experience in testing different software based on various platforms. Avyaan’s consultants pinpoint critical issues, produce detailed written reports of the findings and provide step by step guide for effective removal of any issues discovered.

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