Application Security Testing

Going Easy on Application Security? Know What You Can Lose!

Just like knowing alphabets is first step in mastering a language, use of software applications has become a basic strategy for businesses. Starting from financial firms to multinational IT companies, almost every organization has a website of its own. While some companies utilize their websites for online sales, some others just use it as a medium for receiving queries from clients and important information from business partners. The former lot has to work on digital marketing along with website design, whereas the latter needs to worry about website design and navigation alone. From website development, these businesses have now moved on to deployment of apps.

Owing to the recent technological advancements, deploying web apps and mobile apps has become an indispensable requirement for most companies. With more and more people turning into smartphone users and tablet enthusiasts, the craze of mobile applications is on a steady rise. As a result, deploying an app of its own is the only way a business can be accessible to potential customers. Building a business app is a tedious process in itself, and securing the same is an even more intricate task. Cyber crime that is the act of doing illegal activities through the Internet, has now become a major threat to the security of web applications and mobile applications. As a result, application security testing services are widely being availed today.

Hackers, who are the primary element of cyber crime, try to gain unauthorized access to confidential information of topnotch companies by exploiting the security loopholes in their applications. This information usually includes trade secrets, pricing, account information and other important details. Unless there is a malware protection mechanism in these applications, hackers can easily break through their security protocol and access the confidential data manipulated by these apps. It is thus necessary to test the security of these applications from time to time.

Before implementing any measures for application security testing, one needs to know the consequences of not doing the same. Negligence in application security can result in the following situations:

  • Customers losing trust on the companies deploying apps.
  • Huge financial losses coupled with hurdles in online revenue generation
  • Without web server security, a company can end up wasting a considerably long time in recovering from the damage caused by hackers.

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