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Gamification as a Cyber Security Tool

The number of security breaches in web apps and mobile apps is on a steady rise and so is the impact of these breaches in terms of severity and financial losses. With new security loopholes, attack vectors and vulnerabilities being found, companies have started to adopt some new strategies to ensure the security of the web apps and mobile apps they deploy for promoting their businesses. Gamification happens to be one of  those strategies – with this strategy, companies can make their employees follow best practices for securing their software apps.

The actual definition of gamification needs to be understood by the people in a company, before it is applied in digital security services. The process involving engagement of people and bringing about changes in their behavior with the help of game mechanics is referred to as gamification.  Simply put, it is the application of the exciting part of games to situations that are not so exciting, software security in this case.

Gamification today is helping organizations find new ways to explain the importance of cyber security to their employees using gaming components such as competitions between two or more people and rewards for winning the same.

Mentioned below are some of the crucial steps in gamification when it is utilized in software security:

Offering badges for Good Security Practices
Employees following  good security practices deserve to be rewarded and the company should ensure the same. For instance, such employees can receive badges. An organization might be availing the best network security services from an external source, but it should also appreciate the good steps taken by its own employees.

Provide Incentives for Consistently Good Behavior
While some employees stop continuing security practices once they get a few badges, some others carry on the same. The latter lot should be given incentives such as additional perks or gift cards for continuing the good behavior.

Allow Employees to Openly Share their Progress
Ensuring software security or web security is more of a team effort and less of a solo task. Employees, after practicing security measures and receiving their rewards, should share their achievements openly in order to encourage other people in the organization to do better.

The steps mentioned above make it a lot easier to implement security practices.

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