Softwate Security Process

Fundamentals of Software Security for Application Development Managers

Secure and high-quality software is not an accident. A company or an organization needs to work hard to achieve it. Throughout the software development life cycle, specification, design and implementation of quality and security is important, especially when the project is a crucial one.

For government projects which involve national secrets, security is a top priority. Hence, government agencies go to great lengths to find the best software security solutions and implement those. Unfortunately, commercial software projects are not designed with the same level of security. As a result, a lot of questions are raised on the reliability of such a software.

Software security practices in India have significantly improved during recent years. There are certain basic points of software security. Application development managers need to be aware of these points.

Following are some essential software security fundamentals:

Know the Expectations of People

A software is supposed to possess a certain functionality. It is purchased only when it fulfills the customer’s needs. Functionality of a software can either be as simple as printing a word or as complex as doing scientific calculations. People who buy a software pay for such features and functionality. Any software security practices company needs to know what people expect from a product. A user is concerned not only with the functionality of software but also its quality. For instance, there can be multiple software products for the same purpose. Your product needs to have some exceptional features to be better than others.

Neglecting user specifications can result in flaws during software development. Such flaws can prove to be a threat to the safety and security of software.

Identify Problems

Problems can arise at any stage of software development. It is the job of application development managers to identify these problems and take necessary steps to avoid them. Apart from identifying a problem, it is also necessary to determine its consequences. This way one can make a better plan to eliminate it.

Security Features Need to be In-built

Security of most software products gets threatened because security features are incorporated in the last stage. A better option is to add security features during the development phase.

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