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Figure Out the Right Time for Security Outsourcing

A firm should outsource its software security to the right company at the right time. The following blog gives some advice on the issue.

With cyber-security around networks and devices getting further diversified and even more endangered by hackers, owners of all businesses whether small, medium-sized or large, have been asking themselves this one question, that is “Are my security protocols good enough to protect my data?”. While it is good to be optimistic, these business owners need a reality check and hence they should be pragmatic enough to take “no” for an answer to this question. It is far better for them to accept their cyber-security flaws and fixing them, rather than to whine about the issue or to live in denial.

Unless there is a whole team of proficient software security professionals in your company, you can’t expect penetration tests to be effective. In the absence of such a team, it is the other employees who have to perform these tests. Needless to say, they are going to need a little training for the same and even if they do well, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to take care of all vulnerabilities. It is high time companies realized that penetration testing services are best when availed from the best professionals in the area, who can sometimes be hired only through external sources.

There is nothing wrong in asking for help or advice if you can’t do something on your own. Same is the scenario with software security. If your security testing strategies aren’t good enough, or worse, if you don’t have any ethical hackers in your company, external penetration testing services are the last resort for you. Here are some important considerations while outsourcing software security:

  • The selected company should be able to meet both current and future needs of your organization.
  • The service provider should be equally dedicated to all the projects it handles, including yours.
  • The company should have a prior experience in the industry your business belongs to.
  • Outsourcing should have a reasonable cost, and it should not affect the internal resources of your organization.
  • The company should offer a certain level of transparency in each of the operations pertaining to data storage and security. 

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