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Federal Cyber Security Plan Revealed!

Nobody takes a tragedy seriously until he/she becomes a victim of the same. If you are dealing with a smartphone that automatically downloads weird applications without asking your permission, and prompts the browser to visit certain pages you have never seen before, you have encountered a malware. Switching off your phone would be the first step in avoiding further damage – continued use of the phone will only give the hacker who is responsible for the malware entering your phone in the first place, a chance to extract your private details such as address, bank account passwords and what not, and he/she will use these details to his/her advantage by any means necessary. Apps used by companies pose a greater threat as these apps manipulate confidential data such as trade secrets which can fall into the wrong hands once these apps are hacked. A business getting ruined will be a matter of hours once all its secrets are revealed to the competitors.

Fearing what negligence towards hackers can result in, organizations across the world have enlisted cyber security among their top priorities. It is not just the individuals using web apps and mobile apps who are at the risk of victimization by cyber crime, but also the companies deploying these apps.

Given how crucial cyber security is in today’s digital world, availing digital security services has become something of a practice among companies and organizations. While some of these are capable enough to employ in-house penetration testers for this purpose, others are not. They would rather go for services that can be availed on a contract basis, which definitely makes sense.

If you don’t need security services for each and every project, it is certainly not pragmatic to keep a whole team of security testing professionals on your payroll. As far as properly managed security services are concerned, you can get those from external sources as well.

Having become a global concern, cyber crime has prompted nations all over the world to adopt strategies against it, as hackers can very well act as an aide for criminals and terrorists and network security services won’t be exactly productive once the damage has been done. A federal plan for battling cyber crime has been revealed, and it involves the following measures:

  • Educating and training people in order to expand the workforce for cyber security
  • Identifying extremely talented hackers and recruiting them for the good cause that is stopping cyber crime
  • Retaining cyber security professionals and further enhancing their skill
  • Adapt to the changing needs of the cyber security workforce

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