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Why in Modern Times, the need of Web Security Services is Even More!

It is true that web apps bring flexibility to the businesses and help in reaching out to millions of potential customers around the world. But the one thing, which is becoming a concern is security issues created by new internet threats. With the rise in the usage of web applications, web security services have become essential … read more

Are Your Web Apps Really Safe? Test Them and Find Out!

Millions today rely on web applications for many of their routine tasks– with the purchasing power of people increasing steadily, frequent purchase of laptops, tablets and smartphones or any other mobile device does not come as a surprise anymore. Anyone using these devices would surely be familiar with web applications. Comprising of a set of … read more

What Makes It Important to Hire a Web Application Security Audit Company?

If there is something that actually rules the world – it is the web applications. Whatever be the concern, there is a web app for that today. While one app is used for online shopping, the other helps you pay bills – the bottom line here is that there is no end to the use … read more

Penetration Testing Keeps Your Web Apps Safe

Today it is hard to even imagine our daily routine without web apps – advent of these applications is a great milestone in information technology. From old-school personal computers to laptops as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are capable of running these applications. Basically, a web application is a program that … read more

Need for Website Application Security Services

If your company or organization is creating web applications for business use, you must know how crucial it is to secure these web applications. Any security loophole overlooked can allow a hacker to gain access to your web application and extract confidential information – misuse of this information can not only lead to financial losses … read more