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Federal Cyber Security Plan Revealed!

Nobody takes a tragedy seriously until he/she becomes a victim of the same. If you are dealing with a smartphone that automatically downloads weird applications without asking your permission, and prompts the browser to visit certain pages you have never seen before, you have encountered a malware. Switching off your phone would be the first … read more

Mobile Device Security Trends for 2016

Welcoming the new year with parties and other kind of celebrations is one of most the enjoyable parts during the beginning of a year. Unfortunately, not all parts are same as this one. We all have lots of things coming our way, both good and bad. The best we can do is to enjoy the … read more

Software Security Solutions: How to Choose the Best Ones?

Quality of a software can be better off without security loopholes. The following blog explains how one can choose the best software security solutions. The term ‘software’ is being chanted by millions today – it would take ages for one to count the number of software products released by top multinational IT companies since their … read more