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How to Achieve Digital Security?

To ensure digital security in an organization, several carefully planned steps need to be taken. Read on to know some of those steps. The convenience of using digital technologies has really developed an addiction in most of us for the same. A day without these technologies would probably result in stalls in several areas, not … read more

Timely Defense Against Cyber Attacks

Starting a business may not be a big deal for one who can make a huge investment, but maintaining the same and making consistent profit with it is the real challenge for an entrepreneur. The scenario of web applications is a little different from that of businesses. It takes a lot to build web applications … read more

Gamification as a Cyber Security Tool

The number of security breaches in web apps and mobile apps is on a steady rise and so is the impact of these breaches in terms of severity and financial losses. With new security loopholes, attack vectors and vulnerabilities being found, companies have started to adopt some new strategies to ensure the security of the … read more